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Областной акимат

Областной акимат
Описание: 21.06.17
Дата: 07.01.2018 09:50
Просмотров: 843
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Размер: 1024 x 678
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Автор: Vladimir
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Even though we are living in the information-driven culture and economy, employees are still, often unknowingly, withholding their knowledge others might need. The results are all too often decreased productivity, lost revenue, increased costs and loss of knowledge. The knowledge itself is powerful and valuable - but only when (re)used and shared. So, be sure not to forget that. the knowledge that is not shared is almost worthless.
Гость Комментарий добавлен: 12.08.2020 23:17
The future of technology is being shaped with the fourth industrial revolution on our doorsteps, and we are seeing our entire society and our way of life impacted. The fourth revolution is a new epoch in which disruptive technologies and trends such as the IoT, robotics, VR and AI are being developed and changing the way we live and work.

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DatsoGallery Multilingual
By Andrey Datso

Из фотоальбома...

Группа животноводов отд.№1

Совхоз "Мырзакольский"

Ядревский Владимир Парфирьевич

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